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Hobie kayak

TRAMP SET AI (- 2014) - GRAY

TRAMP SET AI (- 2014) - GRAY

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Trampolin till Hobie Adventure Island i grått nät.
(Grå visas på bild 2.)
Passar till Adventure Islands(enmans) årsmodell 2014 och tidigare.

The Hobie Mirage Island Adventure Trampolines are made from mesh vinyl as used on the Hobie Catamaran products. Available in Grey and Black they are easy to install and give you the added benefit of more storage, a place to chill, better performance and just plain cooler looking. Paddle storage, gear pockets and lanyard grommets included. Set of two.

Added space for carrying gear, reduces spray in cockpit
Allows you to move weight outboard for better performance in windy conditions
Comfortable sitting or laying down position
Carry additional crew / kids / pets (does not increase basic weight capacity)

Till Tandem Island och Adventure Island(enmans) tillverkade 2015 och senare passar istället
88527001 TRAMP SET AI / TI* – BLACK samt
88527011 TRAMP SET AI / TI* – GRAY

Black - Island Solo 79527001
Grey - Island Solo 79527011

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